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498A IPC Cases


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498A IPC

The inception of Section 498A in the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in 1983 aimed to curtail dowry-related deaths and the enduring cruelty women faced within marriages. Historically, married women in India have endured unchecked cruelty and domestic violence. Notably, this section stands as the sole provision within the IPC explicitly addressing domestic violence against women, designating it as a cognizable, non-compoundable, and non-bailable offense in cases of matrimonial cruelty in India.

 Section 498A of the IPC pertains to cruelty inflicted upon a woman by her husband or his relatives. This encompasses deliberate actions that drive the woman towards suicide or cause severe injury, endangering her life, limb, or health. Such cruelty encompasses both mental and physical harm. Additionally, harassing the woman or her relatives for unlawful dowry demands constitutes cruelty under this section.

 The maximum imprisonment term under this provision extends to 3 years, and fines can also be imposed. For this section to apply, certain criteria must be met:

  1. The woman must be legally married.
  2. She must have endured harassment or cruelty.
  3. The said harassment or cruelty must have been perpetrated either by the husband or his relatives.

In the case of Vijeta Gajra v. State NCT of Delhi (2010) (11) SCC 618, the Hon`ble Supreme Court ruled that to fall within the ambit of Section 498A of the IPC, one must be a relative of the husband through marriage, blood, or adoption.

We deal with cases under Section 498A, IPC with great circumspection thereby labelled as Best Lawyer for 498A IPC Cases. For further imformation on use and abuse , kindly read Our blog on Section 498A  https://duasnduas.com/how-to-fight-false-case-under-section-498a-ipc/

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