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About Advocate Rajal Rai Dua

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Advocate Rajal Rai Dua

Advocate Rajal Rai Dua

“My feeling of success comes from being consulted on important problems and being asked to solve them. That’s what I consider success.”


Rajal Rai Dua is the founder of the prestigious law firm, “Dua`s & Dua`s, Advocates & Consultants” in the year 2004. He is in his early 40s, is married and has two children both of whom are young. He appears unflappable in an elegantly self possessed way and approach is the exercise of articulating his personal conceptualization of what constitutes life- career success with a reassuring aura of concentration and candour.

For Mr Dua, success is composed essentially of acting for ‘important clients’ and on ‘important issues’. From his perspective,  Being consulted by ,acting for, and having his advice trusted and valued by important clients constitutes a key indicator of career success. By important Clients, he means

people who are generally considered to be important’.

Violation of the principles of fairness and truth repels him and this in turn motivates him:

If I feel a sense of injustice, it upsets me and I want to do something about it.

He thinks that it’s not the work he is doing, it’s the purpose he wants to serve.

Once reclaimed by one of his fellow lawyer ,

You could wake him up in the dead of night and he would be ready for legal battle!”

Rajal Rai Dua is an experienced litigator who has handled an enormous variety of matters and legal issues that cuts across industries and practice areas.


Having done schooling from Lancers Convent , a premier School in Delhi, graduation in Literature from SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi and Law from Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi , Rajal , is a by-product of the best -in-class education. After inculcating the sound principles of education, he proceeded to practice Law in Delhi Courts in 2004.


His practice is spread across Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court and all District Courts in Delhi. As of now, he is heading the law firm based in Pitampura, Delhi .


Rajal Rai Dua has successfully argued various cases in favour of his Clients and is into the profession due to his undaunting integrity.


The sole criteria ,which continues to brand him as “Mr. Dependable”, is his opinions which are honest and responsible. He keeps himself abreast of all the developments in the field of Law on regular day to day basis which gives him a better and upper hand in cases.


He believes in Hammering the law and facts but not the table as there is a saying in Lawyers,

“When You have Law on Your side, You hammer the Law and When You have facts on Your side, You hammer the facts but When You have neither on Your side, You hammer the table.”

Rajal Rai Dua has an ambition to set up offices across the Globe and in the said pursuit , very soon, the firm is setting up Offices in Dubai and Moscow.


As a person , he believes in saving Trees and in the said endeavour, the firm has shifted to Paperless Office. Apart from filings, everything in the firm is completely Digital and Paperless.


As a human being and lawyer, Mr. Dua has Word of Pearls Wisdom for the readers, THE PURSUIT OF TRUTH , as the same is Rajal`s highest value. He states this explicitly:

Truth, scientific truth, if I can put it that way, is the most important value.

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