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Civil Law

Best Civil Lawyer

The law firm offers best civil lawyers specialising in Civil and Commercial laws. Our top civil lawyers in Delhi provide precise guidance, tailor strategies, and ensure timely, cost-effective solutions, avoiding prolonged procedures.

At Dua`s & Dua`s, client satisfaction is paramount. The lawyers prioritize open communication, centering their approach around client needs. They attentively listen, craft strategies, and keep clients informed at every stage, empowering them to make informed decisions.

The firm possesses considerable expertise in managing diverse commercial disputes on behalf of various clients. Our involvement spans from individuals seeking recourse for straightforward breaches of contract to steering intricate litigation for corporate entities stemming from elaborate transactions.

Our legal practitioners routinely provide counsel and advocacy in commercial litigation, addressing contractual or tortious claims, disputes with government entities concerning licenses and approvals, partnership-related conflicts, challenges to governmental tenders, among other complexities.

Our team of best commercial lawyers offers strategic guidance and representation across the Supreme Court, the High Court of Delhi, subordinate courts, and tribunals, encompassing a broad spectrum of commercial issues. Collaborating closely with clients, we craft enduring, cost-efficient resolutions for their disputes. The wealth of experience we possess enables us to adeptly strategize and execute high-profile commercial litigation cases.

Being Best Civil Lawyer ,We provide comprehensive legal services to Our clients in the areas of civil litigation, property transfer, wills, estates, succession, law of recovery including money recovery, recovery of possession,  letter of administration, estate, joint property, tenancy, fixation of rent, eviction procedure, probate,  execution, claims, injunctions, rendition of accounts, damages, partitions, and so on. These services include legal advice, pleading drafting, court appearances, filing appeals, revisions, writs, and SLPs, among others.

Rajal Rai Dua

Among other things, we offer the following services:

  1. Commercial Suits under Commercial Courts Act`2015
  2. Suit for money recovery, including summary, estate, property (movable or immovable), obligations, dues, actionable claims, damages, account rendering, and so on.
  3. Suit for particular fulfilment of contracts or agreements,
    Suit for immovable property partition.
  4. Suit for permanent/mandatory/temporary injunctions.
  5. Suit for eviction and possession.
  6. Probate/letter of administration/succession certificate applications
    Hindu succession and Indian Succession Act suits.
  7. Prior to DRTs, recover debts owed to financial institutions.
  8. Writs petitions in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court.
  9. Revision, Review, Appeal, Special Leave to Appeal, and other similar proceedings.
  10. Landlords’ eviction petition for the rented premises.
  11. Tenants’ protection from forcible and illegitimate evictions, as well as the application of rent fixing before the Rent Controller.
  12. Drafting and submitting Written Statements / Reply/ Counter affidavits / Rejoinders, etc.
  13. Suit for Injunction, Rendition of Accounts, and Damages for trademark infringement
    Contempt Petitions.


  • Drafting Indemnity Bonds and other Bonds
  • Drafting GPA/SPA/POA/Board Resolutions and other documents
  • Drafting of Mortgage Deeds/Hypothecation Deeds • Drafting of Partnership Deeds & Trust Deeds
  • Drafting of Gift Deeds/Sale Deeds/Agreement to Sell Deeds, etc.
  • Creating public notices, publications, and auction notices, among other things.
  • Tenders / Public Notices / Notices • WILL, Gift, Sale Deed, and other similar documents • MOU / MOA / Constitution of NGO/Political Parties/Trust/Society, and other similar documents
  • Deeds/Agreements of Settlement or Compromise
  • Commercial and joint venture agreements are drafted; arbitration agreements are drafted.


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