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Dua`s & Dua`s (Best Lawyer in Pitampura, Delhi ) is Well known for its expertise in Divorce matters, Child Custody battles , Criminal Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Divorce Law, Property Law, Constitutional Law, Law of Succession, Landlord Tenant Disputes, Employment Law, Law of Contracts, Arbitration Law, Fundamental Rights, Commercial Contract Litigation, Consumer Disputes, IPR, Environmental Litigation, and Company Matters.


We’re your one-stop shop for all of your legal issues. We give clients with committed, efficient, commercially sound, and result-oriented solutions. We cherish the trust and faith that Our clients and professional contacts have placed in us, and We strive to give a dedicated service with an honest and direct attitude in all We do.


The values that have gotten us to where We are now are deeply ingrained in Our manner of working. Whether it’s professionalism in Our Client interactions or firm-wide legal expertise, absolute integrity, mutual respect, team spirit, individual effort, and responsibility for everything We do has aided us in achieving Our objectives, and it’s this that drives us to improve even more.


Dua`s & Dua`s, Advocates & Consultants We are a specialization team of Advocates (Best Lawyers in Delhi) representative client fiercely in divorce trails (Best Lawyer for Divorce Cases in Delhi), child custody battles, maintenance petitions, domestic violence cases, NRI divorce matters.

Our Vision


Our Vision is to be recognized as a leading, progressive, innovative, dynamic, and one-of-a-kind Indian law firm known for legal excellence and a team of high-caliber professionals with acute intellect and unwavering integrity who provide high-quality worldwide service to clients.

Our values


Our mission and values are important to Our success because they define who We are. Every day, We expect Our employees to embody and live Our principles.

Our objective is to help businesses succeed by acting as trusted advisors and providing solutions based on excellence, responsiveness, innovation, and cooperation. Our actions are guided by Our mission, which is paired with Our values.

As We take pleasure in Our firm’s ETHICAL legacy, honesty and integrity are vital and elemental aspects of Our success, given Our obligation to each other and Our clients. Our lawyers, who are thought leaders at the forefront of debates on legislative and regulatory reforms, work tirelessly to present clients with INNOVATIVE solutions.


As Our clients’ trusted advisers, We are RESPONSIVE and proactive in learning about their needs so that We can deliver sound and practical guidance, allowing them to achieve their goals. With DIVERSITY as one of Our fundamental values, We think that Our people and partners are critical to achieving a meaningful goal; how We get things done is just as essential as what We achieve.


We are ENERGIZED to draw inspiration from one another, Our beliefs, and to develop Our intuition in order to connect the dots. Our ability to establish relationships, break down silos, and connect across teams to discover the appropriate fit and provide ongoing service across regions is a key factor in Our success.


We use an INTERNATIONAL OUTLOOK to engage with law firms around the world on multi-jurisdictional assignments, assuring consistency in quality, delivery, and efficiency.

Inclusion and diversity


At Dua`s & Dua`s, We promote a culture that values life’s dignity, variety, and inclusiveness. Our definition of diversity includes diversity of thought, perspective, attitude, and experience, in addition to the general.

Our staff are rewarded for taking on new challenges. For us, diversity and inclusion mean a team that is bonded by a strong set of principles. Our ability to give the best effective solutions to Our clients is aided by a diversity of viewpoints. It assists us in better understanding Our stakeholders and realizing Our goal to cultivating an inclusive workplace. In light of this, We take personal responsibility for the advice We give, always behaving with integrity and leading by example.

Corporate Governance


Our commitment to community development is based on the belief that making a meaningful effect requires us to look beyond Our clients and into the communities in which We live.


Our commitment to making a positive difference extends beyond Our clients to the community in which We live. In this regard, We adhere to a basic principle: We have the obligation to make a difference and assist Our communities in achieving their goals. As a result, We devote a significant amount of time, talent, and money to worthwhile initiatives.


We are dedicated to providing pro bono legal services to people who cannot afford representation. It improves Our communities while also allowing us to expand Our professional knowledge. For an equal and dignified existence for all, We think the rule of law and access to justice must prevail.


We’ve built solid relationships with international organizations and non-profit environmental think tanks over the years to examine changes in child protection laws, encourage Welfare development, and deliver sustainable and inexpensive energy solutions.

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