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Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate Lawyer

Best Real Estate Lawyer in Delhi

The firm’s expertise spans various sectors within real estate, including residential, commercial, industrial, hotels, tourism, and Special Economic Zones (SEZs). Our firm is engaged in due diligence, advising, structuring, and negotiation processes for different types of properties, addressing complexities like redevelopments, slum rehabilitation projects, affordable housing, government leases, mega food parks, solar projects, and integrated townships across multiple states in India.

Our firm also provides essential guidance on compliance matters under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA), and offers assistance with project registrations, often collaborating closely with developers, technical teams, and accounting departments to ensure proper compliance.

It’s evident that Our team not only understands the legal intricacies but also focuses on finding commercially viable solutions that meet the specific needs of Our Clients.


Builder Buyer Agreements pertain to contractual arrangements made between individuals and developers for prospective construction projects. Should you find yourself in a scenario where you’ve engaged in an agreement with a builder, made a substantial payment for reservation, and subsequently discover that the builder has failed to fulfil the construction within the agreed-upon timeframe, you retain a legal entitlement to demand a full refund of the amount paid, along with accrued interest from the date of initial payment.

If you find yourself as a tenant facing wrongful attempts at eviction by your landlord, or as a landlord dealing with a tenant who refuses to vacate your property even after the lease expiration, our firm specializes in resolving these intricate tenancy disputes. We possess a track record of handling long-standing cases in this domain, consistently delivering favourable outcomes that align with our clients’ objectives.

Inheritance Disputes encompass scenarios where property passed down by parents or grandparents becomes subject to division. For instance, if a parent passes away without a will and siblings decline equal distribution of assets, the legal right to partition arises.

These disputes also extend to cases where as a non-resident Indian residing abroad, the passing of a parent or grandparent leaves behind assets held by siblings or third parties, necessitating legal intervention.

Professionally crafting and structuring legally robust Wills encompassing comprehensive aspects. Managing cases involving Will execution, fraudulent or suspicious Will fabrication, and addressing challenges.

Assisting in Probate procedures and acquiring Succession Certificates & Letters of Administration. Handling cases pertaining to contesting Wills or raising objections in Probate proceedings.

Cases of Forgery & Fraudulent Acquisition of Property encompass situations where title documents are deceitfully fabricated to establish ownership. If you suspect that your property, including parental assets, has been unlawfully seized through forgery and fraudulent documentation, prompt action through civil and criminal proceedings against the perpetrator becomes imperative.

Property Misappropriation involves instances where trust breaches or property payments made over years result in the property being purchased under someone else’s name. Subsequently, these individual lays claim to the property, refuting your rightful ownership.

Our esteemed firm stands as a leading authority in real estate law within India. Headed by the esteemed Mr. Rajal Rai Dua, a distinguished property lawyer in Delhi, our team comprises the finest legal minds in the realm of real estate law. Mr. Dua, renowned as one of the top high court lawyers in Delhi, offers unparalleled legal counsel. With a specialization in NRI laws, our firm provides exemplary legal services from top-notch NRI Property lawyers.

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