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Cyber Crime Lawyer

Cyber Crime Lawyer

The use of a computer as an instrument to promote criminal purposes, such as fraud, trafficking in child pornography and intellectual property, stealing identities, or invading privacy, is known as cybercrime. All of these activities existed before the term “cyber” became widely used. Cybercrime, particularly when it involves the Internet, is a continuation of old criminal activity as well as some new illicit behaviors. If you need a Cybercrime lawyer in Delhi, you can call us for the best legal advice from our team of experts.

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Rajal Rai Dua

The field of cybercrime is still developing, and new types of criminal activity in cyberspace are appearing with each passing day.

Let us now look at the most common types of cybercrime:

  1. Hacking is a criminal behavior in which a hacker breaks into someone’s computer security system for personal gain.
  2. Mass surveillance refers to the government monitoring a significant portion of a group of individuals for security reasons; nevertheless, if someone conducts it for personal gain, it is deemed cybercrime.
  3. Child pornography is one of the most horrific crimes committed with abandon all over the world.
  4. Children are sexually abused, and videos of the abuse are made and posted online.
  5. Child grooming is the process of forming an emotional bond with a child in order to facilitate child trafficking and prostitution.
  6. Copyright infringement occurs when someone infringes on another’s protected copyright without permission and publishes it under his own name.
  7. Money laundering is the illegal possession of money by an individual or an organization. It usually entails money transfers through overseas banks and/or genuine commercial transactions. To put it another way, it’s the process of converting illegitimately acquired money into legal tender.
  8. Cyber-extortion occurs when a hacker gains access to someone’s email server or computer system and demands money to restore the system.
  9. Cyber-terrorism is defined as when someone hacks into a government’s security system or intimidates a government or large organisation in order to further his political or social goals by attacking the security system using computer networks.

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