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Lawyers for Arbitration

Lawyers for Arbitration

Lawyers for Arbitration

Dua’s & Dua’s has a robust and diverse arbitration practice, with significant experience in both domestic and international commercial arbitration, including matters related to Bilateral Investment Treaties. The firm’s lawyers are well- versed in various aspects of alternative dispute resolution and have comprehensive expertise in all aspects of arbitration.
The firm’s arbitration services cover a wide range of activities, including advising on arbitration clauses, selecting arbitral seats, assisting with arbitrator appointments, representing Clients from the initiation of arbitration through to final hearings, and aiding in the enforcement of arbitral awards or addressing challenges against them.
Our firm’s exposure to a variety of disputes spanning industries like Real Estate, Infrastructure, Power , Energy, Technology and Software, and matters arising from Joint Ventures, Shareholders Agreements, and General Commercial Transactions showcases a well-rounded approach to Arbitration. The firm’s ability to provide tailored advice and assistance during the pre- arbitration stage, along with its experience in conducting arbitrations under various rules such as SIAC, ICC, DIFC, LCIA, DIAC, ICADR, and ad hoc arbitrations, demonstrates a comprehensive grasp of arbitration procedures both within India and in foreign jurisdictions.

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