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Landlord Tenant / Property Disputes

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The term “property” is used in the broadest and most generic sense possible. Property is a legal term that refers to any interest or right that has a monetary value. In India, there is no single act that governs property law. Personal laws applicable in the country, such as The Succession Act, 1925; The Transfer of Property Act, 1881; Registration Act, 1908; Stamp Duty, and Rent Control Acts issued by several States, may be relevant depending on the way of acquiring the property. Property is divided into two types: mobile and immovable. The two must be transferred using various forms and procedures.

In the realm of property law, Dua`s & Dua`s has provided exceptional services in the areas of lease and licence, gifts, rent, actionable claim, sale, transfer of title, and settlement of seemingly difficult property issues in and out of the courtroom.

Dua`s & Dua`s, Advocates & Consultants

We provide broad-based legal support, assistance, guidance, and consulting services in matters relating to Landlord-Tenant Disputes, Succession Matters, Probate, Wills, and other related matters on both the original and appellate sides with equal competence, assisting our clients in achieving excellent results.


It goes without saying that we might be contacted to take on and complete the writing of various property transfer agreements, as well as to handle disputes arising from the Civil Courts all the way up to the Supreme Court of India.

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