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Consumer Disputes

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Consumer protection refers to safeguarding customers against a variety of unfair business activities. The goal of such safeguards is to prevent exploitation and to prevent other corporate malpractices.

Commercial organizations are better structured, informed, and have a stronger position of dominance. As a result, they may easily take advantage of customers. These commercial organizations most vulnerable victims must be safeguarded, and the customer is protected through consumer protection.

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Consumer Protection Is Critical:


  • Consumers to Organize: Indian consumers are dispersed across a large geographical area. They don’t have a good system in place. They have little clout, and businesspeople take advantage of them. We require consumer protection in this situation.
  • Provide Market Information: The majority of consumers are unaware of the quality, type, pricing, and other marketing options available to them. Many buyers make purchases without understanding the goods, resulting in losses.
  • Physical Safety is Critical: India’s markets are overburdened with goods. The items could be tampered with, posing a health risk. This may put their lives in jeopardy, and as a result, a customer must be protected.
  • Monopoly Avoidance: Consumer protection is critical for avoiding monopoly. The modern market’s crown jewel is monopoly. Despite different regulations, the majority of organizations exercise monopoly. As a result, consumers are harmed and need to be safeguarded.
  • Malpractice prevention: In today’s economy, business malpractices are on the rise. Unfair trade practices, restricted trade practices, and monopolistic trade practices are all used by businesses, and consumer protection is crucial.
  • ยทPollution prevention: Pollution is a critical issue that every country faces. Pollution impacts not only consumers, but also citizens’ minds and health. To rescue society from pollution, it is critical to avoid pollution.
  • Advertisements that are Deliberately Deceptive: Many businesses purposefully deceive consumers by using incorrect or deceptive advertising. This will protect customers from being taken advantage of.
  • Consumer Education: The majority of consumers are unaware of their basic rights. They are unaware of consumer rights. Consumer movements educate consumers on their rights and advocate for their protection.


To handle all Consumer problems, Dua`s & Dua`s has together a team of skilled and trained lawyers. We have filed lawsuits with the District Forum, State Commission, and National Commission on a regular basis, and we have appeared before the District Forum, State Commission, and National Commission.

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