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In India, copyright law protects the rights granted to authors of literary,dramatic, musical, and artistic works, as well as producers of cinematography, films, and sound recordings. These are a collection of rights that include, among other things, the rights to reproduce the work, communicate the work to the public, and adapt or translate the work. We, having earned the label of being the Top Copyright Lawyer in Delhi, frequently assist clients in registering, negotiating the terms and conditions of publishing, distributing, securing royalties, and drafting licensing or assignment agreements. We also provide guidance on the international validity of copyrights. We have extensive experience representing both copyright owners and alleged infringers in infringement litigation.


A non-exhaustive list of our services in this field includes:

  1.  Identifying ownership issues
  2.  Registration and enforcement of copyrights
  3.  Portfolio planning and management
  4. Negotiating and drafting of publishing, distribution, royalty, licensing and assignment agreements
  5. Negotiating and drafting copyright and internet-related agreements including web design/hosting agreements and electronic publishing agreements
  6. Infringement analysis and helping clients establish a system for policing and enforcing their copyrights
  7. Clearing copyrights in materials to be used on websites or other multimedia products
  8. Advice relating to the protection of copyrights on the internet
  9. Litigation & enforcement

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