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Family Cases

Prepare a strong case and resolve the matter at hand.


Arbitration & Litigation

Our business Law Firm has extensive experience resolving disputes – in and out of the Courtroom.


Property Dispute

Resolving residential and commercial disputes is Our specialty.


White Collar Crime & Fraud Investigation

Best team to handles complex white-collar crime cases.


Cyber Crime

Our experienced cybercrime Lawyers help the victim in drafting an application, addressed to the head of a cybercrime cell.


Trademark Registration

To protect your brand, register a trademark. Our trademark registration services.


Toughest Defense Lawyers for Your Money | Best Lawyer in Delhi

We are a specialized team of Advocates (Best Lawyers in Delhi) representative client fiercely in divorce trails (Best Lawyer for Divorce Cases in Delhi), child custody battles, maintenance petitions, domestic violence cases, NRI divorce matters.


We are (Best Lawyers) neither a flashy, boutique law firm nor an archaic, legal behemoth bound by many constraints. Instead, We are a dynamic law firm offering a surprising array of high-quality legal services in areas including Arbitration, Aviation, Banking and Finance, Capital Markets and Securities Law, Construction, Commercial & Corporate, Dispute Resolution, Education, Energy and Natural Resources, Environmental Law, Human Resources and Employment Law, Infrastructure, Matrimonial Disputes, Criminal Litigation, Real Estates & Constructions and Telecommunications.

We pride ourselves on our extensive and expanding client base ranging from private individuals through a variety of individuals, corporate entities to multinational organisations, but we recognise that each of our client is unique with particular business concerns.


Divorce & Family Law Cases


Child Custody


Divorce by Mutual Consent

NRI Divorce Legal Matters

NRI Divorce, Legal Matters

We strives to provide its clients with legal solutions that are both practical and cost effective.


What kinds of questions can I ask?

You can ask about anything related to your legal situation, such as questions about a specific process, documents or forms related to your legal matter, or about the meaning of specific terms or phrases. You can ask for advice, strategic coaching, or insight into possible outcomes. Advice sessions and document review services are also a good way to get a second opinion about your legal issue.
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Get advice – the way you want.

We make it easy to consult Top Rated Lawyers. Discuss your issue over an email, schedule an office meeting/virtual, or consult with any of the listed Lawyers at your home / office. We are ready to help you, as per your convenience.</p> <p>We also offer FREE ADVICE through the website, where lacs of people have already found the right guidance for their needs.
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Legal Representation in Litigation Cases

In Litigation Cases, Legal Representation (Best Lawyer for Divorce Cases in Delhi)


20 years of experience in litigation

If you hire us, we will first derive a strategy to proceed after due diligence & than proceed.


Banking and Financial Services

The contractual connection between lenders and borrowers is the focus of banking and finance law. The basic goal of any financial transaction is to negotiate and manage this connection such that the interests of the represented party are protected both legally and commercially.


Intellectual Property Rights (IP)

IP lawyers serve a range of important responsibilities in the field of intellectual property protection. They serve as advocates for clients in court proceedings in some cases. They also act as consultants, advising customers on intellectual property issues.


Corporate Legal Departments

Corporate entity management accounts for approximately a quarter of all activities in a legal department and is a key problem in the overall group's legal and financial risk management.

Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce.


Toughest Defense Lawyers with Best Results | Best Lawyer in Delhi

Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce, child and spouse maintenance.

Divorce Family Law

What we are best at
  • 498a Cases
  • Business and Divorce
  • Legal Issues Concerning NRI Divorce
  • Child Custody/Child Battles
  • Mutual Consent Divorce
  • Dowry Laws
  • Maintenance

Banking & Insurance Laws

Outstanding Service
  • Cheque Bounce Laws
  • Insolvency & Bankruptcy Laws
  • Legal Issues Concerning NRI Divorce
  • Broker Fraud
  • Loan Recovery Cases
  • Company Laws
  • Bank Disputes

Property & Civil Law

Personal attitude
  • Property Law
  • Civil Law
  • Media, Broadcasting
  • & Telecommunication Cases
  • Criminal Law
  • Cyber Crime Cases
  • Consumer Cases

Foreclosure Defense

Civil Rights
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Public Interest Litigation
  • Broker Fraud
  • Bail Matters
  • Arbitration/ADR Cases
  • Registration & Compliance
  • The Environment Constitution
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